Who is LillieRose?

Hey girl hey!

LillieRose Boutique is an outward expression of the love for the great women God placed in my life.  I have been blessed with a tribe of great women, who have each had a huge impact on my life.  LillieRose Boutique is named for the first women I ever loved, my beautiful mother, Lillie and my wonderful maternal grandmother, Rosezelia. Both of these amazing women have passed on, but they each made a huge impact on my life.   Lillie was gorgeous, classy, and oh so stylish. When she walked into a room she exemplified grace and beauty like none other. She loved everything about being a woman, from the clothes, to the shoes, jewelry, and her signature red lipstick. I loved watching her go from a head scarf and rollers to a stunning beauty in her dress, heels, and accessories to match. Rose was my maternal grandmother, who could sing and pray down heaven in a “bad” suit as she called them, with a matching hat, accessories, and some “bad” heels. Rose was a virtuous woman, who was a loving homemaker, but could also be seen in a suit, with matching hat, and heels on any given Sunday.  These ladies taught me how to pray my way through and how to work hard for what I wanted in life, but they also taught me that as women we have so many layers. 

As women we are called to be so many things to so many people.  We are smart, classy, sexy, professional, sporty, fun, and so much more.  Each LillieRose Boutique piece has been hand-selected to represent the many layers that we possess as women. Like all women, Lillie and Rose were so much more than how they dressed; it was about how their wardrobe seemed to change them on the inside and give them a boost in confidence.  Sometimes that is all we need ladies, a little boost of confidence to take on the world.  That’s what I want every woman to feel when she wears a LillieRose Boutique piece. I want each of you to feel like your best self, feel empowered, feel confident as you take on every role you have been given.  Being a woman is so much more than what we wear or how we look, but sometimes looking good on the outside can change how we feel on the inside. 

Happy shopping ladies and thank you for choosing LillieRose Boutique!!!!

-LillieRose Boutique

Psalms 46:10